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We understand the pressures on both Public Sector and commercial organisations to reduce costs and comply with ever-changing legislation.


Therefore our bespoke procurement frameworks are designed to help you tap into the latest, best-in-class financial technology ecosystems, navigate through Data Protection, and cut out the time-consuming tendering process – basically, to buy better – all within current compliance regulation and guidance. 

Put very simply, we save you money, time and risk.


Our savings on card processing, for instance, might bring the average cost per payment down from 63p to just 20p – and the money transfer is instant. Our framework solutions from our expert partners including high street names, Lloyds Bank, Equifax, Allpay and AIB


Any commercial business or industry can benefit and we present only those suppliers who are pre-vetted, modern, best-in-class, supportive and efficient.


Our solutions are:


  • modern, harnessing the latest Fintech solutions

  • smarter, quicker, more cost-effective

  • efficient, streamlining the supplier quotation process

  • compliant with GDPR and all payment regulation

  • informative – giving monthly updates on both costs and savings

  • best-in-class, with instant results and stringent due diligence performed

  • proven to make cost savings of more than 30%

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