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The water market was deregulated in 2017, allowing clients to choose their water supplier in the same way as choosing your electricity supplier.


This means that businesses, charities, and public sector businesses in England are no longer limited to purchasing water services from a monopoly.

With this service, you can expect our team to provide vital support by properly and efficiently comparing your water rates, allowing you to focus on your business while we conduct all the background work to simplify the process for you.

It pays to be water efficient. 


Being water efficient means your business benefits from:

  • savings in increased operational efficiency and energy and reduced production and on-site water treatment costs

  • reduced effluent volumes due to less water consumption and, in many cases, lower effluent treatment or disposal costs

  • a good return on investment on recycling and reusing water investments

  • reduced carbon footprints and better corporate social responsibility.


A water audit will identify inefficiencies and potential savings.


Benchmarking will enable you to review your water performance across your various business sites and work out where best to focus your efforts.

Benchmarking will:

  • provide important information on your water consumption

  • identify the least efficient sites

  • enable you to compare your company's performance with your peers

  • help you to identify areas of improvement.

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