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Bespoke solutions to help you succeed



Knowledgable & Trusted Professionals

Providing experienced and qualified professionals with sector and industry specific knowledge to support your place. Our partners each have direct experience of supporting and managing places, embedding effective stakeholder engagement strategies and delivering robust marketing plans to enable growth.

Our experienced and qualified professionals offer sector and industry-specific knowledge to support your place. Our team have direct experience in managing and supporting places, including implementing effective stakeholder engagement strategies and delivering robust marketing plans to drive growth. With their expertise, we can provide tailored support to help your place thrive.

We offer interim and fixed term support when and where it is needed, nationally. We can support marketing, business engagement, administration and ambassador training.

Place Support Partnership have successfully conducted place engagement activities for the following BIDs:


Independent, Expert Advice and Guidance

Trusted, valuable support to your place and businesses quickly and confidently for as long as is required. Working to any brief, our partners deliver campaigns to support your businesses - including business confidence surveys, mid term reviews, database sourcing, event promotion and key message delivery.

Our campaigns have focused on understanding businesses stance and sentiment post COVID. More recently as recovery is well underway, we have been focused on supporting BIDs to reach out to businesses with programmes of support, details of events and place solutions.

These campaigns can include the design and delivery of surveys. We can also facilitate remote surveys on teams coupled with a structured calling campaign. We also offer in-person meetings with businesses nationally.

Place Support Partnership have supported the following BIDs and councils:


BID Development & Renewal

Enabling you to focus on your BID, we provide operational and strategic support at each stage of the renewal process - including remote and ground support through our team of experienced consultants. We can guide and advise you, your board and build relationships with your members. Flexible solutions for as little or as long as required.


Frequently utilised by most of our clients, this service has been essential to many Business Improvement Districts. When it comes to all of our services, you can count on us to take care of your every need. We pride ourselves on exceptional customer service, and our work ethic speaks for itself. Let us know how we can assist you today.

Our team have extensive knowledge of the sector and have successfully supported the renewal of BIDs nationally.  Our team have experience of developing, managing and renewing BIDs in every sector and have a strong renewal success record.

Our services include voter identification, business stance indicators, proposal writing, campaign management, member engagement and strategic support.

Since 2021, our team have successfully supported the renewal of over 10 BIDs, including Fitzrovia Partnership, Positively Putney BID, Vauxhall One BID, Station2Station BID, Make It Ealing BID, Successful Sutton BID, Your Acton BID, North Notts BID, Bristol City Centre BID, Rugby First BID and Keighley BID, and are currently supporting a number of BIDs nationally on their upcoming ballots.

Place Support Partnership have successfully supported the following BIDs with their ballots: