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Join our programme for a greener and cleaner future


Establishing knowledgeable and self-assured teams is crucial for achieving the unprecedented ambition of reaching net zero. To expedite your journey towards this goal and gain the trust of your team members, it is vital to support them with relevant net zero training opportunities and necessary resources. By doing so, you not only demonstrate your leadership commitment to combat climate change but also reinforce the organization's dedication to the cause.


Our comprehensive net zero training program empowers your teams to grasp the concept of Net Zero and actively participate in the transformation. They will be able to communicate effectively and credibly about Net Zero, both to your customers and other external stakeholders.


Furthermore, our assistance extends beyond your organization, as we help you build capacity and enhance net zero maturity in the broader context. We offer training for your partners and suppliers, fostering trust, loyalty, and unlocking new business opportunities with like-minded organizations striving for Net Zero.



  • Reducing expenses on continuous consulting charges.

  • Boost your staff's loyalty and retention, leading to time and cost savings for your business.

  • Developing expertise provides you with a competitive edge when discussing the concept of Net Zero convincingly with clients and external parties.

  • Establish confidence among your customers and other stakeholders in your ability to fulfill your commitment to achieving net zero emissions.


Place Support Partnership possesses expertise in establishing Net Zero capabilities in businesses. Our dedication to client success is evident through the positive feedback we receive. Our extensive training programs demonstrate our commitment.


Our team of engagement specialists is committed to providing people-oriented training in the most user-friendly manner possible, ensuring that organizations are well-equipped to embark on their Net Zero journey.

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