For A Greener and Cleaner Future

Here at PSP, we recognise the importance of the impact on the environment and strive to provide effective strategies and solutions so that we can all work toward a greener and cleaner planet. Many SMEs want to take climate action but are unsure of where to begin. With our new Place Zero programme, we'll help you work through the process of assessing your emissions and develop a high-impact action plan to reduce your carbon footprint.

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Reduced greenhouse gas emissions enhance the financial line for many businesses because efficient practises save operational costs and boost staff productivity.


There are a number of easy strategies to minimise your carbon footprint and emissions, including:

  • Allowing employees to strive toward carbon-neutral solutions motivates them to think outside the box when developing new goods and services, resulting in increased income streams.

  • Switching to renewable energy sources will lower your rates immediately, saving you money on power. You may often cut or eliminate your expenditures by taking advantage of government discounts and rebates.

  • Customers purchasing decisions have become more affected by environmental concerns, resulting in a fundamental shift in consumer and buying behaviour: nowadays, customers want more than simply quality. They're seeking for businesses that share their own beliefs and operate in an open and honest manner.

Reduce your carbon footprint today



To understand their influence on global greenhouse gas emissions and identify critical areas for reduction, businesses must first assess their emissions.

We can assist you by providing suggestions for tiny, doable ways to cut your emissions.

To get started, you can measure your carbon footprint here.



Reaching reduction targets is key for organizations’ to transition to a low-carbon economy and reach long-term sustainable growth.


As part of your business's sustainability plan, once you've identified the main sources of emissions, you should create emission reduction targets and objectives immediately.


Once you've identified the major sources of emissions, you can now eliminate these by giving more sustainable alternatives, such as remote working, or investing in more environmentally friendly equipment.


We can assist you by offering important advice and practical recommendations on how to minimise your carbon footprint now.