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Energy Report: Energy Bill Relief Scheme for Businesses

What is the Energy Bill Relief Scheme?

To assist them through the winter, businesses have been given an emergency package of government support, which includes a cap drastically lowering the price paid for electricity starting on October 01 2022.

The UK government has intervened to lower the cost of wholesale electricity for businesses, nonprofits, and government agencies, including schools.

Businesses will receive assistance under the plan for a period of six months to shield them from skyrocketing expenditures. After then, businesses in vulnerable industries will continue to receive assistance.

The price that suppliers can charge customers for units of gas and electricity is constrained by the plan. Businesses won't need to do anything because the discounts will be applied immediately to their invoices.

Energy Report:

In the latest energy report, you will find more details on the new Energy Bill Relief Scheme and how it will benefit your business in the coming months.

Energy Report Update (21 SEP 2022)
Download PDF • 4.33MB

How can PSP help?

Regardless of the scheme, small businesses must still find suitable contracts and that's where we can help. We understand that many businesses are currently on flexible/variable contracts however this type of contract may not be ideal right now, but with our expert guidance and support, we can help you find the right energy contracts.

Start saving now by getting in touch with one our of specialists at 03330 156 289, alternatively you can email us at


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