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High street champions save Leicester’s businesses more than £200,000

Place Support Partnership (PSP) are dedicated to helping the UK’s Business Improvement Districts (BIDs) and local authorities thrive. 

The company has been commissioned by 60 BIDs and 10 local councils across the UK and has identified millions in savings since 2021. 

The PSP is used by BID Leicester as part of its Savings Scheme Service and aims to help the city’s businesses save money where needed.  The service was launched in 2021 and is fully funded for BID members. The service includes cost effectively purchasing a range of products such as energy, telecoms, water, waste management  and more. The service will also include identifying additional income generation opportunities and operating efficiencies where appropriate.

Leicester businesses that have already benefited from PSP’s input include Indian cafe Desi Street Food, who saved £2,900, and Leicester Print Workshop, who made a saving of £7,000 by seeking help through BID Leicester’s Savings Scheme Service. 

In total, over £200,000 of savings have been identified for the businesses of Leicester!

Mr Sood, Founder and CEO of PSP, said: “We are interested in auditing and identifying inefficiencies, not forcing change in suppliers. Our goal is to empower local businesses to stand on their own feet and make better decisions. By doing this, we hope to keep the nation’s high streets thriving and prosperous.”

Simon Jenner, Director of BID Leicester, said: “Working with Place Support Partnership has been a really valuable element of BID Leicester’s delivery to date. 
The PSP is a valuable asset during a time of uncertainty for many local businesses. The Savings Scheme also aligns with our long-term strategy, in supporting businesses in Leicester city centre to thrive. We have already seen fantastic results for our BID members, which we hope will help them to feel more confident in making financially sound decisions and support them through a difficult trading period.” 

Interested in finding out about how PSP could help your place? Get in touch on

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