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Today, Spelthorne – like all councils – faces a major challenge due to the impact of the pandemic on businesses. The local picture aligns with the national picture with businesses fighting to stay viable and survive under challenging conditions.


With many businesses laden with debt and deemed as high risk by suppliers, achieving value for money from contracts and receiving support on the best way forward is critical to aid their recovery. It is vital to support businesses now and secure support for them to remain viable and enable business growth. 


PSP has recently completed a 6-month business costs savings programme commissioned by Spelthorne Borough Council, delivered between July 2021 and December 2021.


Delivery focused on the three town centres of Ashford, Sunbury and Shepperton, with outreach to approximately 600 businesses dispersed across a wide geographic area.


July 2021 - December 2021

The energy crisis that emerged in August 2021 saw a rapid re-focus to providing increased advice and support in navigating the energy crisis, which, at its peak, saw some businesses we supported report a 300% rise in energy costs. Despite these challenges, our industry knowledge, strong systems and flexible response meant that PSP nonetheless identified £17,096 in savings and achieved average business savings of £1449.50 per business, with 39% of all meetings leading to engagement with the service. 

Energy (Electricity and Gas), Telecoms and Merchant services are the dominant categories accounting for 95% of all savings generated.   

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