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Becoming a Water Efficient Business in 2022

Water is crucial for our personal health and well-being, as well as for our economy; it is a resource that is necessary to keep our businesses running both efficiently and effectively.

As the cost of living rises, the water regulator, Ofwat, has encouraged water companies to do more to assist people in England and Wales who are struggling to pay their water bills.

A new set of rules for water companies has been published by Ofwat and these rules includes:

  • Providing consumers with sporadic earnings and zero-hour contracts with more flexible payment choices;

  • Talking to consumers who are having trouble paying to understand their situation and find a solution without having to resort to debt collection;

  • Using more complaints, research, and consumer input to improve payment, help, and debt services in real time;

  • Making full use of data to identify and assist customers who are struggling.

What impact does the increase in water rates have on UK businesses?

This problem is not limited to households; it also impacts our businesses, particularly those in the retail and hospitality industries, where many rely on water to run their businesses smoothly.

How can PSP help?

Here at PSP we understand that, in addition to cost-reductions, customer service, billing concerns, and technology are some of the factors that businesses consider when selecting a water supplier.

In order to provide greater value to businesses around the UK, we work with a panel of water suppliers to offer the best value and service to businesses nationally. Here are some of our main achievements:

  • Average saving of 42% on retail fees associated with water suppliers.

  • Identified over £52,000 in water contracts savings. We also successfully identified over £50,000 in energy savings in just the past month alone

  • Managed to help a small business save over £5,000 on their water bills.

Our Place experts can also help you make significant savings on your water bill - including other energy utilities.

Our PSP experts believe that there are many benefits from becoming water efficient which includes:

  • savings in increased operational efficiency and energy and reduced production and on-site water treatment costs

  • reduced effluent volumes due to less water consumption and, in many cases, lower effluent treatment or disposal costs

  • a good return on investment on recycling and reusing water investments

  • reduced carbon footprints and better corporate social responsibility.

Becoming more sustainable with PSP:

Businesses of all types can save money by conserving water and reducing their water usage. As a result, you display strong corporate environmental principles and enhance your industry's brand, potentially resulting in more consumers.

With our newly launched Place Zero Programme, you can begin your journey to net zero and make substantial savings across all of your energy utility bills now.

For more information on how we can help your business become water efficient and make greater savings on your water bills, click here.

If you would like to speak to one of our savings experts, please call us on 0333 0156 289. Alternatively, you can send us a copy of your bill to where we will then proceed to review.

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