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Business Health Clinic in Acton

Updated: Apr 20, 2022

Place Support Partnership, the business savings and support experts have created a new program of events that helps all local businesses save money, cut costs and ultimately help to keep small and micro businesses stay alive.

It’s evident everywhere that costs are spiralling upwards and it is making it incredibly difficult for small businesses to turn a profit. One of the key ways that any business can cut costs is by looking at their current suppliers and deciding if it would be better to switch suppliers or simply change tariff.

This process can seem mind-bogglingly difficult as the business supplier market is jam full of confusing options. At PSP, we offer an unbiased and no obligation review of your suppliers and have recently set up our new Business Health Clinics to help businesses like yours.

At the end of last month, PSP held a Business Health Clinic in Acton to help the local businesses. It was a well-attended event with lots of local businesses keen to accept the free advice and support given at these clinics. The aim of these events is to work in collaboration with the local council/BID to make the BHCs accessible to all.

If you are interested in a PSP Business Health Clinic coming to your local area then get in touch with the PSP team on 03330 156 289

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