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Business Leaders Lunch with Chancellor Kwasi Kwarteng

PSP Founder and CEO, Rishi Sood, was recently invited to a Business Leaders Lunch to discuss with others what the UK government and local leaders could do to stimulate growth and support the economy.

What was discussed?

Recruitment and retention, the skills gap, the current energy crisis, and the cost of living/doing business were high on the agenda.

Although these issues have been incredibly difficult to deal with, it was encouraging to hear from so many local leaders who came together to exchange ideas on the best ways to help the regional and national economies grow.

They also discussed about the Energy Relief Scheme which has provided benefit. It was also encouraging to hear from those from the hospitality, leisure and retail sectors on the challenges they are having to overcome and the desire for a reduction in business rates, VAT relief and the need for further support measures to be introduced.

The very same measures that the #BusinessSOS campaign calls for and pleased to have been able to highlight the campaign and its key asks to the Chancellor. To find out more about the campaign, click here.

How is PSP supporting the local and national economy?

Our national programmes have been designed to share the best business practices and to enable businesses of each and every size to reduce costs and identify greater savings within their own businesses. We're delighted to know that our Business Health Clinics and Place Saving services which have launched throughout the UK in several destinations have resonated with local leaders and Councillors.

The Business Leaders Lunch concluded with a fantastic networking lunch provided by Taste Creative and a tour from our hosts Sytner Group at the largest and most sustainable Jaguar Land Rover showroom in the UK.

We would also like to extend our gratitude and thanks to Keith McGroary, Tracey Carter, and Andy Willmott for the invitation and giving us the platform to debate critical issues to the recovery of our high streets and addressing the current energy crisis.

We hope to see more of these events where people from various backgrounds get together to discuss critical issues so that we can all move forward and produce solutions that help the UK business landscape both nationally and locally.

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