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Christmas: How does it affect Small Businesses?

The holiday season has become a lifeline for many SMEs all over the country due to the country's deteriorating economic situation and growing expense of living.

With the holiday season frequently accounting for the majority of sales, the Christmas season has a big influence on annual revenues for many small businesses. Even yet, many small business owners find that these few crucial weeks have a big effects on their company. Securing these much-needed holiday revenues is never certain.

Rising fuel and energy costs, finding enough customers, rising tax and national insurance rates, and other urgent issues are putting a pressure on small company owners.

What impact does Christmas have on small businesses?

These are some of the important issues that small business owners must examine and be on the lookout for this holiday season:

  • Increased pressure

Christmas presents a fantastic potential for greater sales, but it also puts more strain on every element of the company. Businesses must have the personnel, inventory, and support systems in place to handle the shift in demand.

  • Competition with larger retailers

Small businesses may find it challenging to compete with major chains' low prices, specials, and bargains. To combat this, team up with other small companies to draw clients and strengthen the local economy overall throughout the Christmas season.

It's a perfect time to get involved or start making preparations for next year because there are nationwide programmes that promote encouraging consumers to purchase locally at Christmas.

  • Staff shortages

Realistically assessing what you can and cannot provide for your consumers in light of your available resources is crucial, particularly if your business is understaffed during this season.

Your staff can be under extra pressure this time of year due to many reasons. For example, they have to work longer hours to make up for other employees who are taking time off. To tackle this issue, it's critical to reduce stress so that business operations function smoothly throughout the holiday season and employee morale remains strong.

This can be done by rearranging personnel so that everyone has time off, granting extra vacation days, paying overtime, and giving out Christmas bonuses.

How can my business prepare for the Christmas season?

If you are unsure on how to effectively prepare your business for the upcoming busy shopping season, you can find more tips in our blog here, 'How small business can prepare for Christmas.'

How can PSP help?

The winter season is here which means that energy costs will continue to surge and businesses will struggle to cope to fulfill heating demands.

We at PSP are aware of the challenges small businesses experience throughout the holiday season, but we can help.

With our PSP team, we can provide a FREE audit to ensure that you can reduce your energy consumption, and identify key areas of spending within your place of business. Simply contact us and we will begin the process of helping you identify significant savings.

Call us on 03330 156 289. Alternatively, you can email us at

Get in touch with us now and make greater savings today!

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