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Meet our new eco-friendly member!

We take sustainability extremely seriously at PSP, which is why we have made the critical decision to add another 'member' to our team. With this change, we can ascertain that we implement what we preach and to clearly demonstrate to others that we are serious about taking action against climate change.

Meet our new team member!

In this role, our new member will help drive us to Net Zero!

Why have we chosen to buy an EV (Electric Vehicle):

Sustainability and changing our impact for the environment is the core reason as to why PSP has chosen to invest in an EV. Here are a few more reasons why we chose this EV:

  • EVs are energy efficient

  • Produce less emissions

  • Government incentives

  • Higher resale value

  • More convenient and easy to drive

In order to continue our journey to Net Zero, we will be introducing two other eco-friendly additions to our team by the end of 2022!

Need more information on how to become more sustainable? Visit our Sustainability page here.

For better insight, simply get in touch with one of our PSP experts for more details on how you can get started on your journey to Net Zero today.

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