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Significant Decline in Sales from UK SMEs.

It is widely agreed that the UK's growing concerns among business owners have been fueled mainly by the present energy market. We know that it will be extremely challenging for many small businesses to deal with the ongoing increase in energy expenses as they also prepare to confront the new increase in energy bills next month as well.

Why is this happening?

Xero's UK Sales Director, Jo Copestake stated,

“It’s disappointing to see that many small firms are not being paid the money they’re owed on time. Most large businesses are fully aware of how delays in payments can impact their suppliers, limiting their ability to pay for bills, resources and staff."

According to Xero's most recent data, sales only increased by 4.5% last month, which is much less than the 6.1% and 20.8% growth in June and May. Instead of more sales, increases were often the result of price increases and year on year, July's sales volume decreased by 4.3%.

Their recent data also showed that small and independent merchants were the most impacted, with a 6.9% decline in summer 2017 sales when compared to other industries.

How can we help?

We have worked with a number of Business Improvement Districts and Local Authorities to provide critical services to local businesses. Our services are designed with the intention and goal of supporting and guiding our businesses to help them flourish during uncertain times.

Our Business Health Clinics are incredibly useful for BIDs and Local Authorities as our sessions are designed to engage with the local businesses within the community in a more direct fashion. In just under half an hour, we have helped many businesses by helping them make adjustments on their business practices, and have even helped many save a significant amount in business savings just by identifying discrepancies within a single energy bill!

We also have a fantastic Place Saving service that has been introduced to many organisations throughout the UK. With this service, we assign experienced Place Consultants to each region to maximise growth and savings for each and every business within the local area.

If you're interested in our services, please get in touch at 03330 156 289, or send an email to

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