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The Autumn Budget: How will it affect your business?

The majority of the tax increases and significant cuts to public spending are anticipated for the years after the general election, which must take place by 2024. The freezing of company national insurance thresholds will begin in April 2023 and represents one of the biggest tax hikes.

The following are the major ideas that Jeremy Hunt covered in his £55 billion plan of tax increases and budget reductions:

Energy Bills:

  • Up to 31 March 2023, the Energy Bill Relief Scheme will be in effect. However, the government will examine the programme, and it is anticipated that starting in April 2023, the most vulnerable enterprises would get tailored help.

Business Taxes:

  • The employment allowance will remain at its current, higher amount of £5,000 until March 2026, whilst the employer's National Insurance payments threshold remains frozen until April 2028.

  • The rate of the separate R&D expenditure credit was raised from 13% to 20% while the deduction rate for SMEs receiving R&D tax relief was reduced to 86% and the credit rate to 10%.

  • The windfall tax rate for large oil and gas companies was increased from 25% to 35%. Electricity producers will be subject to a 45% energy gains tax in order to earn a combined $14 billion in revenue in 2019.

  • Over the course of five years, tens of thousands of pubs, restaurants, and small high street stores will profit as they will not pay more in business rates.

Business Support:

  • Five emerging areas—digital technology, biological sciences, green industries, financial services, and advanced manufacturing—will see revisions to EU laws before the end of the year.

  • Public spending for R&D (research and development) would rise to £20 billion by 2024–2025 as part of a plan to help make Britain the "new Silicon Valley."

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