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Learn how Local Authorities across the country are using our services to provide greater value to their local business communities.


Read the testimonials below to learn how we offered critical one to one business support to Spelthorne businesses through our partnership with Spelthorne Borough Council.

Holiday-Let Business,


I was previously aware of Spelthorne Business Forum's reputation as one of the top business forums thanks to word of mouth. I've always wanted to go to the different events here but now it's a matter of urgency, so when I heard about this Business Cost Reduction Clinic, I knew I had to go because it's so important for us right now.


We came today and learned a lot in just a half an hour, and we now know how we can cut costs for both of our businesses. Most importantly, we can avoid signing pricey contracts thanks to the support of the PSP team.


It's great to know that the PSP team is also easily accessible, and as our company expands, we feel comforted that there are services like this that are currently funded by the Spelthorne Borough Council and that we can still rely on trusted impartial guidance for other future projects as well.”

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